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■ How can I Get a Free Website? 

Do you want your business to have an online presence that appears on Google and Yahoo? 
Do you want to get a modern and concise website design for your business for free? 

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You can apply NOW to get and redeem this time limited offer from all over the world. No matter which industry sector you are in, (education, real estate, hospital, church, cafe, restaurant, hair salon, cleaning business, home business, massage, nail shop), Webnshop is here to help.  
This time limited offer provides a website design of your choice FOR FREE. There are 50 templates for you to choose from.  
*Note:it is not customised design 
This is too fantastic an opportunity to miss if you wish to introduce your business and services you. provide to a larger audience, especially when you are planning to be a player on group buying sites. 



How you can apply: click here to apply 
- First choose one template that you like 
- Then prepare images and text materials that you want to put on your website

Website design templates are as follows: contact us to get more templates 


Hosting and domain
Option1: Website designing and building 2 pages FREE

(Web hosting $108/1years)
Option2: Website designing and building 5 pages FREE
(Web hosting $192/2years)
Option3: Website designing and building 8 pages FREE
(Web hosting $252/3years)

Domain fee: AUD 24 for 2 years 
(Optional) Administration tool: AUD 200 

■ Process
1. Call us for talking with our consultant
2. Choose one of design from samples
3. Make a plan for building up website 
4. Prepare images and contents
5. Build
6. Testing
7. Finalising